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Opioid Substitution Treatment in prison

Opioid Substitution Treatment in prison

The main goal of the course is to broaden knowledge about substitution therapy in such specific conditions as penitentiary units. Participants have the opportunity to become acquainted with the main goals of substitution therapy and the benefits that prisons achieve by applying it. In addition, the most important methods of this type of treatment and its ethical basis have been described.  The content on this course is based on the expertise of scientists and medical doctors/psychiatrists/healthcare professionals working in the field of substitution treatment in prisons

This course is to support prison doctors, contracted doctors, prison health care workers, prison administration, NGOs and others in delivering or supporting substitution treatment to opioid dependent prisoners.

Subjects of the course

  • The main goals of substitution treatment.
  • Benefits of substitution treatment.
  • Schemes of substitution treatment.
  • Threats and limitations of substitution therapy.
  • The most commonly used drugs in substitution therapy.
  • Implementation of substitution treatment in prisons.
  • Information for patients in substitution treatment.
  • Continuation of treatment after commencement or termination of prison sentence.
  • Linking substitution therapy to treatment of blood-borne and other infections.
  • Medical ethics of substitution treatment in a prison.

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Opioid Substitution Treatment in prison

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