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Prison needle and syringe programmes (PNSP)

Prison needle and syringe programmes (PNSP)

This course aims to provide information and practical guidance to support the implementation of NSP in prisons and other closed settings. The course presents models of PNSP that have been tried and evaluated around the world, and provides recommendations and practical advice on advocating, starting, scaling up and monitoring PNSP.

The intended audience for this course includes prison governors, administrators and staff, health-care managers and programme coordinators at all levels across all types of custodial institutions, prison administrations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and trade union officials.

Main topics:

  • The scientific evidence on the effectiveness of PNSP.
  • A legal framework for PNSP.
  • Models of needle and syringe programmes in prison.
  • Elements of an effective programme.
  • Document HIV, hepatits, injecting drug use and risk behaviours among prisoners.
  • Identify and educate key stakeholders.
  • Implement the programme at the prsion level.
  • Monitor, evaluate and conduct quality assurance.

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