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Overdose Prevention –new technology-based Solutions
Overdose Prevention –new technology-based Solutions
Fatal and non-fatal overdoses related to opiates use are on the rise in many parts of the world, with North America, Australia and Central Asia being the most affected regions. In Europe as well opioid-related overdose deaths show a continuous increase, at least since 2013. Naloxone is the centrepiece of the response to opioid overdose. This opioid antagonist medication rapidly and completely reversesthe effects of opioids and thus, when timely administered, prevents opiate overdose death. Globally, about half of the countries (101 out of 196) had registered injectable naloxone by September 2017, a requirement for the drug to be legally available in the country and for licenses to be issued for the manufacture, importation and/or distribution of the drug. In Europe, by the same time, 80% of the countries (37 out of 45) had Naloxone registered by national authorities. Lack of legislation and registration can hinder Naloxone access. Policymakers and advocates can count with several guidelines to support them in drafting required policies and standard operating procedures to allowthe drug’s manufacture, importation and/or distribution.
Published in 2020 by C-EHRN