Overdose prevention

Overdose deaths are preventable.  Harm reduction offers evidence-based tools and strategies that reduce the risk of dying from a drug overdose. Almost 200 people die from an overdose every day, which equals 70,000 avoidable deaths every year.

People who use drugs can be supported with information to mitigate the risk of an overdose and to stop an overdose while it’s happening.

Latest update on drug-related deaths and mortality in Europe

The EMCDDA has published its latest update on Drug-related deaths and mortality in Europe. The updates presented to shed light on important public health challenges faced by European policymakers and stakeholders, with regard to monitoring, prevention, risk assessment, harm reduction and drug treatment.

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This course contains guidelines on the use of naloxone after completing imprisonment, learn how to prevent an opiate overdose and explains what to do in the case of witnessing an opiate overdose.

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Harm Reduction Coalition

In the Overdose Prevention section of their website they have a great selection of documents covering: News and Updates, Overview of Overdose, Tools and Best Practice Information, and Policy and Advocacy documents.

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COPE Australia

Community Overdose Prevention and Education (COPE) is a community-based opioid overdose prevention initiative funded by the Victorian Government. COPE provides training and support to primary health and community organisation staff. These trained staff will provide educationto individuals who may be opioid users or potential overdose witnesses, such as a family member or friend.

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Ontario Harm Reduction Distribution Program: Naloxone Program

This website contains information relative to the Ontario Provincial Naloxone Program: naloxone order forms, staff training resources, and client educational resources. It also has a comprehensive Community-Based Naloxone Distribution Guidance Document.

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Project Lazarus

Community-based Overdose Prevention from North Carolina and the Community Care Chronic Pain Initiative.

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Guide to Developing & Managing Overdose Prevention & Take-Home Naloxone Projects Harm Reduction Coalition:

This manual is designed to outline the process of developing and managing an Overdose Prevention and Education Program, with or without a take-home naloxone component.

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The Chicago Recovery Alliance

Using injectable Naloxone to Reverse Opiate Overdose

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